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Bissell Maple Farm

The Bissell's have been making maple syrup in Northeast Ohio since the late 1800's. The original Bissell farm was well-known for its apple orchard on Route 45 in Austinburg and later on Route 84 in Saybrook. From 1978 to 1998, David Bissell continued the Bissell tradition at his Route 46 farm in Jefferson, OH until moving the family to  Rock Creek, OH on Higley Road. Over the last 10 years we have expanded our capability and capacity to meet the demand of our customers. We now have a modern sugarhouse and utilize the latest technology and conveniences for efficient syrup making. We recently joined the Ohio Maple Producer's Association and will be on the March Maple Madness tour. Be sure to mark your calendar and visit us in March! •1500 trees tapped •6th generation farmers, and counting •Modern Tubing, RO, vacuum pump •Small Batch / Wood Fired Evaporator •Local Retailers include Geneva Lodge, Trumbell Locker, Better n Bulk, Victoria's