Kay's Place

Kay’s Place opened its doors in February 2002. Kay Conley had just wrapped up a restaurant venture in a little corner restaurant when the new opportunity presented itself. The new space was about three times the size of the old restaurant and seemed like a huge undertaking. With some family encouragement, she took the plunge. It became a labor of love. Friends and family stepped up to help give the old restaurant a facelift. With the help of her husband Dave and her daughter Lorrie they opened this new adventure. The concept was from scratch food like Kay made every day for her six children. She gathered recipes and developed a menu that reflected the style and kind of food that her family loved. From there Kay’s Place took off. Over the years it was common place to see Dave at the register, Kay having coffee with a customer, and any number of family members popping in and out. There have been many changes and developments over the years. Kay is still visiting with customers, cashing people out, and being a compassionate ear for her many loyal customers. You’re likely to see her daughter Kimberly and her husband Joel doing many of the day-to-day activities. Still, family coming by some old and many new as the great-grandchildren are added to the mix. Catering services, new menu items, and various improvements are always happening at Kay’s Place. One thing that never changes is Kay’s commitment to serve homemade food and offer a place where people feel like family and can enjoy their families.


5552 State Route 193, Kingsville, OH 44048