Book Signing - Hidden History of Lake County Ohio/Jennifer Boresz Engelking

"Striking natural beauty draws many visitors to Lake County, but the area also has a rich and captivating history. Willoughbeach Amusement Park arose where one of the worst shipwrecks in Great Lakes history occurred years before. Secret passageways and tunnels helped slaves escape to freedom. Native son and Tuskegee Airman Earl R. Lane earned the Distinguished Flying Cross. Marge Hurlburt, a service pilot during World War II, set an international women's flight speed record, and Amy Kaukonen, one of the nation's first female mayors, personally raided suspected bootleggers during Prohibition. Author Jennifer Boresz Engelking uncovers the history behind some of Lake County's most well-known people and landmarks and reveals stories lost to time. Copies of Hidden History of Lake County Ohio will be available for sale and author, Jennifer Boresz Engelking, will be available for signing. Stop by Debonne Wednesday evening to get your signed copy of this local gem!


7840 Doty Rd., Madison, Ohio 4057