Lake Erie Monster Show @ Conneaut Arts Center

Each year, the residents of Ashtabula county and beyond will gather at the Conneaut Arts Center to view the monsters that lurk in the watery inspirations of Lake Erie artists. Now is the time to get creative and start thinking about what indeed the Lake Erie Monster would look like. There will be prizes for Lake Erie Monster creations in several categories, so get creative. Here are the categories: Boat Float - yes, a boat float, decorate your boat, canoe, or kayak as the Lake Erie Monster Sculptures and carvings Two-dimension entries include paintings and drawings Videos of Lake Erie Monster sightings - create a video! The Show began in 2020 as an outdoor gallery inspired by the need to social distance and the need to get outside and experience the art of living. Thirteen monsters were on display while community members drove and walked by to see the monsters and talk with the artists who created them. In 2021, the Lake Erie Monster Show became an interactive experience for all ages, including food, music, contests, raffles, and art activities.


July 9, 2022


1025 Buffalo St, Conneaut, Ohio 44030