Barn Quilt Trail

The Ashtabula County Barn Quilt Trail wanders across Ohio’s largest county and takes visitors to orchards, wineries, working farms, historic sites and residences. Ours is the only barn quilt trail in northeast Ohio and has grown to more than 100 Barn Quilts!  Travel our rural countryside and experience all the beauty Ashtabula County has to offer. 

Check out the Official Ashtabula County Driving Map below to plan your Barn Quilt Trail Tour!  

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Ashtabula County Barn Quilt Trail



barnquiltsmallWhat are Barn Quilts?

Barn Quilts are quilt patterns painted on sign board and displayed on barns, covered bridges and historical buildings.  They tell a story; commemorate a family, farm or heritage; mark an agricultural enterprise; define a shopping opportunity; or simply decorate a building.  


barnquiltsmall3What is a Barn Quilt Trail?

A Barn Quilt Trail is a collection of this art within a region.  Ashtabula County's Trail has more than 81 barn quilts!  On the trail, you can find several wineries with barn quilts, museums, historical sites, heritage farms, natural areas and backroad adventures!  Ashtabula County's landscape is diverse and, at 702 square miles, the largest in Ohio.  Take your time, explore!




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