Covered Bridges

Ashtabula County is Ohio’s Covered Bridge Capital boasting more of these magnificent structures than anywhere else in the state. Home to 19 covered bridges, Ashtabula County is also the home to the longest and shortest covered bridges in America! The intense fall colors that start around the last week in September, make Ashtabula County’s covered bridges a must stop for your next fall excursion!


  • Doyle-Road-CB

    Doyle Road Covered Bridge

    A 94 ft. long Town lattice bridge built in 1868. Doyle spans Mill Creek. Mill Creek is a tributary of the Grand River. This bridge was renovated in 1987 when a laminated arch was added. 1.8 miles from Jefferson

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    1300 Doyle Rd. Jefferson, OH 44047
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  • Giddings-Road-CB

    Giddings Road Covered Bridge

    Pratt truss construction was used for this 107 ft. bridge built in 1995 with funding from an ODOT Timber Grant. It crosses Mill Creek in Jefferson Twp. 8 miles from Smolen-Gulf Covered Bridge

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    1399 Giddings Rd. Jefferson, OH 44047
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  • Graham-Road-CB

    Graham Road Covered Bridge

    The Graham Road Bridge, which was built from remnants of a bridge washed downstream in the 1913 flood, now sits in a small park on the south side of the road. The 97ft. Town truss was over the west branch of the Ashtabula River in Pierpont Twp. 5.9 miles from Caine Road Covered Bridge

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    4646 Graham Rd. Jefferson, OH 44047
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  • harpersfieldbridge2004-1

    Harpersfield Covered Bridge

    This two span Howe truss bridge is 228 ft. long, formerly the longest covered bridge in Ohio. It is now the second longest in the State. It spans the Grand River which is the primary drainage channel of western Ashtabula County. The bridge was built in 1868 and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Located int he County Metro Park it is a great place to picnic. A flood in 1913 washed soil away fromt he north end of the bridge and changed the river channel. The steel bridge was then attached. A walkway was added in 1991-1992 when the bridge was renovated. 11.2 miles from Doyle Road Covered Bridge

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    1122 Harpersfield Rd. Geneva, OH 44041
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