Covered Bridges

Ashtabula County is Ohio’s Covered Bridge Capital boasting more of these magnificent structures than anywhere else in the state. Home to 19 covered bridges, Ashtabula County is also the home to the longest and shortest covered bridges in America! The intense fall colors that start around the last week in September, make Ashtabula County’s covered bridges a must stop for your next fall excursion!


  • Riverdale-Road-CB

    Riverdale Road Covered Bridge

    This 114 ft. Town lattice bridge sits high above the Grand River. It was built in 1874. The floor was rebuilt in 1981 and glue laminated wood girders were added. Center steel bracing had been replace under the bridge in 1945. The road at the east end of the bridge washed out in 1987 and a new concrete abutment was built for added support. 9.2 miles from Mechanicsville Road Covered Bridge

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    3349 Riverdale Rd. Rock Creek, OH 44084
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  • Riverview bureau

    Riverview Covered Bridge

    This bridge is 150' long and 14' wide, making it one of the county's larger bridges, yet it carries only pedestrian traffic.  It mirrors the Pratt arch design of it's big brother, Smolen-Gulf, which rises above the pedestrian structure.  Both cross the Ashtabula River at Indian Trails Park.  Riverview, dedicated in 2016, provides exercise trails and a place to enjoy the beautiful river scenery.  

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    4761 State Road Ashtabula, 44004
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  • Root-Road-CB

    Root Road Covered Bridge

    3.9 miles from Graham Rd. Covered Bridge. A 114 ft. Town lattice built in 1868, Root crosses the Ashtabula River. It was raised 18 in. during the rehabilitation in 1982-83 and new laminated girders and a center concrete pier were added.

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    4680 Root Rd Connneaut, OH 44030
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  • Smolen-Gulf-CB

    Smolen-Gulf Covered Bridge

    The longest covered bridge in the United States is of Pratt Truss construction. Engineering and structural design by John Smolen (former County Engineer) and architectural design by Timothy Martin (current County Engineer) the bridge was dedicated August 26. 2008. The bridge is 613ft. long and stand 93 ft. above the Ashtabula River. With clear width of 30ft. and height of 14ft 6 in. it will support full legal load traffic and has a life expectancy of 100 years. 2.6 miles from Olin Bridge

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    7001 State Rd. Ashtabula, OH 44004
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