2021 Co-Op Advertising

Want to SAVE 50%?

Stretch your marketing budget with opportunities through the Visitors Bureau CO-OP program!  Currently, we have three opportunities available: digital bundle, Lake County digital billboards, and print ads in the July/August issue of Lake Erie Living.

The Bureau pays 50% of the ad cost + absorbs all design fees.  What's the catch? Participants must adhere to our design template using county branding and simple, impactful imagery.  Here is an example of a digital campaign:

Once you place your order, we will contact you to determine ad design and content.

Digital Bundle - $300

Banner ads on 3 websites for 3 months: MyOhioFun.com, NorthernOhioTourism.com, DiscoverOhioWines.com

We like these sites because of the loyal and engaged customer base.  These sites generate new visitors for us every year and the management includes advertisers in social media promotions + media mentions at no additional cost. Very affordable. 

Billboard - $350/month

This is a digital billboard opportunity on 2 boards in eastern Lake County along Route 2 and Route 20 in Painesville, both eastbound and westbound. Vehicle counts average over 1 million per month.  With many people still exploring attractions close to home, we are looking at affordable ways to remind neighboring communities to visit.

Ads appear onscreen for 8 seconds and rotate 24/7. Bright, digital display is eye-catching.  We recommend a single image and no more than 6 words for maximum impact. Enjoy a 66% discount with this deal!

Lake Erie Living Magazine - $475

A 1/3 page print ad in the July/August issue.  This widely-circulated publication has a significant subscription base throughout the Great Lakes region.  This issue will include a story about Ashtabula County (content is determined by their editorial staff, so we don't know the topic, yet).

Looking for a larger ad?  Half-page co-op cost is $815, Full page co-op cost is $1300 - limited matching funds are available for larger sizes.  Ask us how to secure a larger size!

The Lake Erie Living print ad deadline is May 19.  Participants can select their months for the billboard and digital placements.  The deadline to be included in the billboard and digital co-op is June 4.

2021 Co-Op Advertising

Who should we contact on the design of your ad?

ACCVB will work with you to design your ad. Clicking "Submit" authorizes the ACCVB to invoice for your order.