Grant Information

Ashtabula County, Ohio Match Grant Program Cover

What Is Being Funded? 

Components of an event or project that provides a positive customer experience unique to Ashtabula County.  Will your experience encourage people to travel to the region?  What do you want funded to make your event stand out from others in Northeast Ohio?  

Existing: What new/different element can you add to improve and attract more visitors?  

New: Create a program/event to attract visitors to Ashtabula County.  

Please note: Permanent signage and capital improvements will NOT be funded.  

Eligibility for Funding: 

  • Business/organization may apply for a grant to host a single event or a series of events during 2020.  
  • The experience must be open to the general public.  
  • Sponsoring business/organization should provide detail on how it will market the experience before, during or after the event.  
  • Ashtabula County branding must be used in all advertising and promotions.  Prior design approval is required. 
  • A representative from the grantee must attend the Annual Meeting in October to receive funding.  
  • The Ashtabula County Visitors Bureau must be represented at the experience.  
  • Grant recipients who fail to follow through with grant requirements will not be eligible for future funding. 
  • A single entity may be granted funding for two consecutive years.  

2020 Timeframes

Although, grants will still be considered if experiences occur at different times during the year, weighted consideration will be given to events November-May. 

Netcher Road

Application Process/Deadlines: 

The grant application must be completed in its entirety.  Grantees must keep in mind that failure to provide any requested information could affect the Committee's final decision regarding the request.  Grant requests must be submitted in writing electronically at 

Deadline for Grant Submissions: September 20, 2019
Grant Committee Decision: September 27, 2019
Annual Meeting (attendance required): October 10, 2019

How Much Grant Money Can Be Requested? 

All requests, large and small, will be considered.  An estimated $10,000 is available in total.  There are no limits to the amount of grant monies to be requested, though applicants should keep in mind that matching funds must be demonstrated.  A fund request does not guarantee that the full amount will be awarded.  The ACCVB Community Promotions Committee will review and award the grants.  

How are Grants Selected? 

Representatives from the Ashtabula County Visitors Bureau comprise the Community Promotions Committee that meets annually to review applications and determine funding for the upcoming calendar year.  The committee utilizes weighted criteria to determine recipients.  None of these are required, but are considered. 

  1. Application completed and submitted on time

  2. An authentic experience unique to the region or enhancement to an existing experience

  3. A current CVB Member

  4. Of interest to residents and visitors 

  5. Experiences offered November - May given additional consideration

  6. Marketing/promotional support provided

  7. Incorporation of Ashtabula County branding: A logos and taglines

  8. Potential to attract out-of-town visitors

  9. Involves multiple businesses/organizations

  10. Spans multiple days

Follow-up Evaluation:

The Community Promotions Committee requires every Grantee to measure and report results.  All organizations who receive grant funding must provide the Bureau with a final recap no later than 30 days from the conclusion of the event or completion of the project.  

Evaluation notes can include attendance, event revenue, attendee surveys, etc.  We want to know areas of success and areas for improvement in the future.  

The Grantee's ability to meet grant agreement conditions will affect future applications.  Those who fail to comply with this requirement will be denied any future funding.  

Grant money will be provided after receipts are received and final evaluation is received within 30 days of the event conclusion.  


Contact the Ashtabula County Visitors Bureau at (440) 275-3202.  

2020 Grant Application

Applications must be submitted no later than September 20, 2019

2020 Grant Application