2021-2022 Board Candidates

Alyssa Sekerak-Ollis

I have been an active member of the Executive Committee for the Visitor's Bureau since 2016. I would love the opportunity to continue to serve the Board.  

I have played a role in multiple different sub-committees:  Grants, Location, Website, and Marketing.  I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in multiple committees and hope to continue to do so.  
The wine industry is a large contributor to travel and tourism in Ashtabula County.  I feel as though it is important to have a strong representation of the industry on the Board.  My knowledge and experience in the wine industry can positively impact the overall goal of increasing travel and tourism to the Region.  
I look forward to the opportunity to maintain my role as an active board member.


Andrea Bushweiler

I am writing this letter to share with you my interest in running for another term on the Executive Committee of the ACCVB.

I have spent 20 years working in the tourism industry in Ashtabula County and feel that the knowledge and experience I have gained is a valuable asset. I also serve on the Geneva-on-the-Lake Visitor Bureau's Board of Directors; which has allowed me to be a liaison between the two organizations. In addition, I am very active with the Ohio Hotel & Lodging Association and the Association of Lodging Professionals; which keeps me current with issues affecting the lodging industry on the state and national levels.

For these reasons, I feel that I am a qualified candidate for the ACCVB Executive Committee and hope you will give me the honor of representing the members for another term.

Bill Holden

Bill has lived in Ashtabula County most of his life; grew up in Pierpont and graduated from Edgewood. He has gained a great deal of prospective of what this County has to offer, and that is why he and his wife, Melissa, returned home to grow their businesses and develop more opportunities. They recently purchased Buccia Vineyard and B&B in Conneaut. His professional career was spent in manufacturing operations, human resource management, and IT consulting. Bill has served on various boards, including Big Brother/Sisters, Unitarian Universalist Church, and Nashville Jazz Workshop, serving the last three years as president. His past experiences, along with a passion for continued growth, development, and success for our region provide value to the ACCVB Board.

Because Bill is running unopposed, we are excited that he will be maintaining his seat for 2021-2022.


Jim Hockaday

Please accept this letter as my formal request to seek a renewal to my term as an ACCVB Board Member. 

As City Manager for Conneaut, I believe Conneaut will play a special role in tourism for the County in the coming years. As they look forward to the future, it is important to mention the nearly half a dozen new small lodgers and new hotels that have started business in the past year alone. Conneaut is an emerging tourism market with a great deal to offer. I look forward to seeing where that growth takes the County as a whole and to continuing my work with the special committees of the ACCVB Board. 

It has been a pleasure and I hope I can continue for another term.  


Loretta Todd

I am writing to express interest in one of the (5) open at-large board seats and kindly ask for your consideration.

I am employed in a business development and marketing management position at an ACCVB member, Debonne Vineyards.  I am professionally devoted to the promotion of wine country and the Grand River Valley as it pertains to our industry.  I believe the ACCVB has done a phenomenal job on this front and hope to lend my experience to this endeavor moving forward.

Personally, I am a life-long resident of Ashtabula County, born and raised in Geneva.  I now own a home in Plymouth Twp.  I am an advocate for local tourism and a proud resident of this growing destination.  I am a firm believer in a rich balanced experience for visitors that leave them planning their next trip before they have headed home from their first.  Our county offers such diverse attractions from memorable lodging escapes to Instagram-worthy meals and outdoor adventures to agritourism and all of the related lake activities, not to mention the gorgeous four-season scenery.  We can meet the challenge of engaging travelers for extended stays and bring them back again and again.  While my professional interest is in wine country, I am passionate about the balance and harmony of all of the components that draw in, keep, and bring back our travelers. 

I do hope that you will honor me with the opportunity to assist any way that I can and help the bureau achieve its objectives.

Mark Brockway

I am interested in running for one of the open seats that are available on the ACCVB Board.  I am the third-generation and current owner of Northcoast Marina in Ashtabula Ohio.  

I was raised and have spent most of my life involved in the boating industry.  I am all too aware that tourism is one of the best assets we have in our county and how important it is to our local economy.  I feel that my experience in boat sales and the operation of a marina and campground has given me the tools to contribute to the future of this organization.  I feel that tourism is vital and I would like to have the opportunity to help bring as many people to our county as possible to enjoy the wonderful recreation options that we have to offer.  

Thomas Michel

Please consider this letter as my request to be considered for re-election to the ACCVB Executive Board.  I have served on the board for the past two years in association with the Historic Ashtabula Harbor and the LBCA Committee.  

My knowledge of tourism and advertising has been a good complement to the Board, as well as the Historic Ashtabula Harbor area.  I feel it would be in the best interest of the ACCVB to have a seamless transition of Board members for this term.  The future is unknown, but a group of people with knowledge, experience, and history will better be able to lead and advocate for the businesses and people of Ashtabula County. 

I consider it an honor to serve on this Executive Board and look forward to doing so for another term.

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