7 Unique Outings for Weekends in Northeast Ohio

Seek adventure along the back roads and byways of Ashtabula County, and you’ll find everything from seasonal destinations to sweet treats to nature walks.

Leave the major roads behind and take a deep dive into Ashtabula County’s back roads to uncover more charming destinations and seasonal delights made for fun, faith, and flavor seekers.

What kind of Ashtabula County adventure are you in the mood for?

I’m looking for a…

…nature walk

Deep in the 2,000-acre Morgan Swamp Preserve, migratory birds perch in towering hemlocks and beavers swim in the marshy lowlands of one of the largest privately protected forest wetlands in Ohio. Several scenic hiking trails wind through the rare ecosystem that is critical to the health of the Grand River.

…spiritual connection

To say the Virgin Mary is a huge source of spiritual comfort to many would be an understatement at the Servants of Mary Center for Peace — home to the world’s largest depiction of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Her 50-foot-high statue watches over the 50-acre Windsor Township property, which also includes a chapel and a gift shop in a peaceful rural setting.

…haunted tour

There’s no peace for the tortured souls that haunt the town of Ashtabula. Chris Martello brings their stories to life during an Eerie Harbor Ghost Walk, held on Friday nights between May and October. The sound of footsteps you hear on a dark night in port could be your own, or those of the people who came seeking their fortune during the town’s heyday as one of the world’s largest iron ore receiving ports.

…wine night

Newly renovated Buccia Winery brings a touch of Nashville to its tasting room in Conneaut, which is enhanced by live music on Friday and Saturday nights. Plan ahead to book one of the four B&B suites so you don’t have to drive after sipping estate-grown wines.

…maple treat

Bissell Maple Farm in Jefferson takes maple syrup to a new level with innovative flavor profiles, including the award-winning Bourbon Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup. Pick some up any time of the year.

...fall outing

One of the highlights of the harvest season is a visit to Brant’s Apple Orchard from August to November, when row after row of sundrenched apples dangle from the tree branches. Buy some in the market, but don’t miss out on the cider donuts, slushies, and fresh-baked pies that are impossible to resist.

…holiday adventure

The road to the perfect fresh-cut Christmas tree leads to Manners Christmas Tree Farm. On weekends from Thanksgiving to Christmas, customers are given a saw, sled, and carpet square, then head out on the farm by horse-drawn wagon. The time-honored tradition ends at the cozy lodge with live music and hot chocolate for all.

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