Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall – Ashtabula by the Seasons

Birding in spring, swimming in summer, fishing in fall and wineries in winter – whatever season you visit, Ashtabula County is ready to entertain you.


If you listen ever so quietly, you can hear spring come alive in Ashtabula County. The tapping on maple trees as farmers begin to collect their sap. The unique sounds of a Prothonotary Warbler as it migrates north. As winter releases its bitter grip, the northward bird migration begins, beckoning birders to our area’s beaches and hiking trails. The sugar maples begin to release their sap into collection buckets for the making of maple syrup, and the wineries welcome spring with the uncorking of the season’s ice wine.

Pro tip: Want to join in on the birding but don’t know where to begin? Check out our Birding 101 guide to get started!


Pack your swimsuit and sunscreen! With miles of Lake Erie coastline, Ashtabula County offers plenty of water fun to enjoy. Take a relaxing morning walk along the beach, experience a sunset kayaking tour, find beach glass, or go for a day of perch and walleye fishing. If fishing, hiking, kayaking, soaring through trees, touring wineries, and viewing lighthouses are on your summer bucket list, Ashtabula County has you covered. Our knowledgeable charter captains, tree canopy tour guides, nearly three dozen wineries, and two state parks make #bula the perfect location to complete your summer bucket list.


Stroll through our vineyards and enjoy the smell of ripening grapes just before harvest. Pick crisp, sweet-tart apples at one of our apple orchards. View vibrant fall foliage by our 19 covered bridges. Experience one of our spectacular fall sunsets over Lake Erie. Area anglers know that when the leaves start to change and the cooler temperatures arrive, it’s time to put on your fishing waders, grab your fishing pole and cooler, and sharpen your hooks. Late fall right through December is the perfect time to breathe in the bracing air and fly-fish Ashtabula’s rivers and streams for steelhead.


“Wine” down and warm up in Ohio Wine Country. The grapes have all been picked and placed in barrels for fermentation. The Snowy Owls have returned to their winter perches on Lake Erie and the fireplaces have been lit, awaiting you to come enjoy a glass of wine. Winter is the perfect season to spend time with our local winemakers. Sip on a glass of something sweet or dry as you learn about their history and how they craft some of their award-winning wines.

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