Seven Brothers Distilling Co.

Seven Brothers is a new breed of artisan distillery that is locally owned and locally made right here in Cleveland, Ohio. They use natural, locally grown ingredients along with select natural ingredients from local purveyors. Their mission is to bring bold, innovative, natural, and flavorful hand-crafted premium spirits to the Ohio market and beyond. They do things very differently from the big distilleries. They begin every batch with freshly milled, all-natural, Ohio grains and spring water. They then rewrote the textbook on distilling by perfecting their proprietary vacuum distillation and infusion still. Vacuum distillation and infusion require specialized equipment and a lot of patience. They custom-designed and built their still, which is quite unique amongst all other distilleries around the world. Their special process allows them to bring out flavors that may otherwise be lost when using traditional methods. They preserve the all-natural aroma and flavor of their grains and carefully introduce select botanicals to create varied products. Every batch is carefully tended to with pride and craftsmanship as they carefully select only the best-tasting "middle cut" to blend with pure Ohio spring water. The results are exceptionally smooth, premium spirits with vibrant aromas, intense flavors, and distinctive tastes. The process takes a bit longer, but the results are worth the wait! TASTE THE SPIRIT….. TASTE THE DIFFERENCE


6527 N River Road W, Harpersfield Township, OH 44041


Phone: 216 930-4330