Stable Winery

Stable Winery is a family-owned winery located in Andover, OH. Purchased in 2017 by the Litwiler family, the stable was originally built in the 1930s by Andover's Dr. Lowery M. Guilinger to house racehorses. The stable was later converted into a residential home, the top 2 floors completely refurbished with floor-to-ceiling pine and many custom woodworking elements. The ground floor which housed the original stables was left intact, including the original stable flooring, doors, and hardware. Since purchasing, the Litwilers have renovated the stable into a wine-making facility and tasting room, adding a full kitchen, a large deck and steps for ease of access, and a custom bar made from 400-year-old juniper. With +120 acres, we offer a substantial outdoor patio space with a gorgeous view overlooking a pond, grapevines, and acres of fields and woods. The Stable also has big plans for the future, with 2 additional barns totaling 9,000+ sq ft in usable space on the property, enabling event space for weddings, music festivals, and more.


5961 State Route 7, Andover, OH 44003


Phone: 440-965-6900