Josh Roberts Live Music @ Laurentia Vineyard

Joshua discovered he loved performing… during his sophomore year in High School in a small suburb east of Cleveland. Performing in punk rock bands and playing small acoustic shows for family and friends. He knew early on that performing was the “end goal,” and was torn between academic pursuits and pursuing music full time. He decided that a degree would be helpful and went to Ohio University to study business administration. In Athens, he performed out at the local breweries and bars and developed a steady following. From there he moved back home and continued down that road. Playing small bars and venues in the Cleveland area. Not sensing much progress, he decided that a change of scenery may make all the difference. In 2015, he moved to Nashville and learned the ins and outs of the music industry. He learned how to craft songs, perform for large crowds, and how to book gigs consistently. Frequent trips back home with this newfound knowledge led to a move back home to Cleveland where he performs his music as a full-time job and runs a small booking agency on the side. The desire to travel still lingering, he has become a leading professional acoustic musician in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and different cities in Michigan. The future is bright for this young musician, and his pursuit of songwriting and putting on memorable performances is stronger than ever.


November 24, 2023


4599 South Madison Rd, Madison, OH 44057