JUG Wine for your Memorial Picnic Weekend! @ Markko Vineyard

Buy a jug or bring your own jug to have Markko fill it with Chardonnay - perfect to share with friends or family at your Memorial picnic! This Chardonnay was harvested in 2019 by Arnie Esterer, founder of Markko Vineyard. Aged in an oak barrel sourced within 200 miles of the Vineyard. BRING YOUR OWN JUG PRICING: Gallon $40 ½ Gallon $20 BUY A JUG PRICING: ½ Gallon $35 Swing Top Bottle $23 ENJOY a GLASS $8 or CARAFE $18


May 25-27, 2023


4500 South Ridge Rd W, Conneaut, OH 44030