Harbor Gardens - General Store & Demonstration Kitchen

Harbor Gardens focuses on all things local - with a primary fondness for food. They hold demonstrations on cooking, fermenting, pickling, canning and eating local food and sell items crafted, created & grown locally. Their vision is to offer a space to build community around self-reliance and food security, appreciation for our local ecosystems and all things sustainably grown and made in Ashtabula County. Their goals are to: -Decrease the number of people in Ashtabula County with diabetes and heart disease Increase number of households in Ashtabula County who are growing their own food Provide a space where Ashtabuleans can sell their locally grown produce. -Provide a space that provides access to starting a garden a home (seeds, tools, instructions) Meeting space for small groups – especially those focusing on equality, food security, health and wellness, housing justice. -Provide a space for collaboration Improve access to whole foods Sell local produce Sell cottage foods – jams, jellies, breads, etc. -Sell local seed starts and local seeds Sell local, organic, potting soil made from composted materials Compliment the growing farmer’s market segment of local food distribution Increase number of households who eat locally grown food. -Share county resource information Increase opportunities to improve people’s skills and abilities to cook and preserve what they grow Increase opportunities to improve people’s knowledge around food and its links to health. Learn more at harborgardens.org


1022 Bridge Street, Ashtabula, OH 44004


Phone: 440.969.7470