West Liberty Street Covered Bridge

Clearance 15'0' (10.6 mi. from Doyle Rd. Bridge) The shortest covered bridge in the United States spans only 18ft. Its design is one of a kind. The structure is supported by a single Kingpost and its roof is a Scissor Truss which gives the bridge a lighter, open feeling. The roof has a more pronounced slope than a typical timber covered bridge. This, along with the extended overhangs, eaves and rakes, give the bridge a floating appearance. The bridge includes a toll keeper booth to remind visitors of pioneer days when travelers often had to pay for the privilage of crossing a bridge. The timber for the bridge was donated from locally grown timber. The bridge was modularly constructed by students on the campus of the Ashtabula County Joint Vocational School.


94 W. Liberty St., Geneva, OH 44041