Bissell Maple Farm

Maple Syrup manufacturing and bottling facility with a small gift shop located in Jefferson. The Bissell's have been making maple syrup for over 100 years. Open to the public year-round, but please check their website for special closures. Today, the manufacturing facility is located in the heart of Jefferson at the corner of Ashtabula Street and Willis Avenue. In the past 20 years Bissell Maple Farm has expanded capabilities and capacity to meet increasing customer demand. Modern technology is used for syrup making and bottling. They are members of the Ohio Maple Producer's Association. Sample Bourbon Barrel Aged maple syrup. Delicious and not just for pancakes...try glazing ham, salmon, brussell sprouts or drizzling it over ice cream, baked apples and pumpkin pie!


82 West Ashtabula St, Jefferson, OH 44047


Phone: 440-563-3263