Photo Ops: Covered Bridges in Ohio

Visit the 19 covered bridges around Ashtabula County for great photo opportunities and a slice of history. Find all 19 with our full list and map.

Nineteen covered bridges dot Ashtabula County, the backdrop for a perfect photo op. Read on for highlights or check out the full list and map of covered bridges. Before you head out for a day of exploring, be sure to get your Ashtabula County Covered Bridge Trail Pass! Check-in at the covered bridges and win FREE prizes along the way!

The nation’s longest: The 613-foot Smolen-Gulf Bridge is the longest covered bridge in the U.S.

Smolen Gulf Bridge by Chris Cannon

The nation’s shortest: The West Liberty Street Bridge spans just 18 feet!

The most updated: Scenic Harpersfield Bridge is being strengthened and potentially getting another observational walkway in 2021 or 2022.

Harpersfield Bridge

The most vibrant: The Netcher Road Bridge stands out with its red-and-white coloring (though one could argue for the bright yellow Windsor Mills Bridge).

Netcher Road Bridge

The most historic: Five bridges date back to the 1800s:

The Mechanicsville Road Bridge (built in 1867, renovated and reopened to traffic in 2003)

The Middle Bridge (1868)

The Root Bridge (1868)

The Olin Bridge (1873)

The South Denmark Bridge (1890)

Interested in learning more about the local covered bridges? Visit Olin’s Museum of Covered Bridges for more history and educational displays.

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