Covered Bridges

Ashtabula County is Ohio’s Covered Bridge Capital boasting more of these magnificent structures than anywhere else in the state. Home to 19 covered bridges, Ashtabula County is also the home to the longest and shortest covered bridges in America! The intense fall colors that start around the last week in September, make Ashtabula County’s covered bridges a must stop for your next fall excursion!


  • South-Denmark-CB

    South Denmark Rd Covered Bridge

    Built in 1890 this Town lattice bridge spans Mill Creek. The 81 ft. structure was bypassed in 1975 but is easily accessible. 2.7 miles from Netcher Rd Bridge

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    2670 S. Denmark Rd. Jefferson, OH 44047
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  • State-Road-CB

    State Road Covered Bridge

    Containing 97,000 ft. of southern pine and oak, the State Road Bridge was erected in 1983 across the Conneaut Creek. The 152 ft. Town lattice span was the first covered bridge designed and built by County Engineer John Smolen, Jr. A four foot tall window extends the length of the bridge showing the Town lattice construction. The dedication of the bridge in 1983 was the forerunner of the Covered Bridge Festival. 5.1 miles from Middle Road Covered Bridge

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    5899 State Rd. Kingsville, OH 44048
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  • West-Liberty-Street-CB

    West Liberty Street Covered Bridge

    Clearance 15'0' (10.6 mi. from Doyle Rd. Bridge) The shortest covered bridge in the United States spans only 18ft. Its design is one of a kind. The structure is supported by a single Kingpost and its roof is a Scissor Truss which gives the bridge a lighter, open feeling. The roof has a more pronounced slope than a typical timber covered bridge. This, along with the extended overhangs, eaves and rakes, give the bridge a floating appearance. The bridge includes a toll keeper booth to remind visitors of pioneer days when travelers often had to pay for the privilage of crossing a bridge. The timber for the bridge was donated from locally grown timber. The bridge was modularly constructed by students on the campus of the Ashtabula County Joint Vocational School.

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    94 W. Liberty St. Geneva, OH 44041
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  • Windsor-Mills-CB

    Windsor Mills Covered Bridge

    Located in a very picturesque area of the county, Windsor Mills Bridge spans Phelps Creek, a tributary of the Grand River. Built in 1867 the Town lattice sits atop cut stone abutments with unique center supports. One is of sandstone quarried nearby. The other in contrast is made from creek stone. Windsor Mills Bridge is also listed in the National Register of Historic Places. This bridge was renovated in 2002 & 2003 and was once agian opened to traffic in the fall of 2003. 14.5 miles from Riverdale Road Covered Bridge

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    7696 Warner Hollow Rd. Windsor, OH 44099
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