The Great Outdoors



Ashtabula County’s northern border is 26 miles of gorgeous Lake Erie coastline.  It is the shallowest, warmest and most biologically productive of the five great lakes, containing more consumable fish than all of the other four combined.  The Lake Erie walleye fishery is widely considered the best in the world.


Because it is so shallow, Erie is the only Great Lake that is entirely above sea level.  The outlet is the Niagara River; consequently, it is Lake Erie that feeds water to Niagara Falls.

This freshwater lake is responsible for the long growing season, the abundant recreational activities and the lake effect snow experienced in Ashtabula County. The setting sun over the water rivals vibrant colors and patterns seen anywhere in the world. 

Walleye, perch and steelhead fishing is ideal off the Ashtabula County shore, referred to as the Central basin.  Depths and temperatures combine for the perfect conditions. Even a first-time fisherman can reel in a great catch! Charter boat companies operating out of marinas in Geneva, Ashtabula, and Conneaut offer first-class experiences on the water – they won’t even make you touch the worms! If fishing isn’t your idea of fun on the water, ask a charter about their sunset cruises. 

Two lighthouses remain in Ashtabula and Conneaut harbors.  While not open to the public, they make the perfect backdrop to any shoreline activity. Consider a sunset kayak paddle to get an up-close look of the lighthouse for the perfect way to end a day! 





Ohio is home to 15 wild and scenic rivers.  Ashtabula County boasts FOUR of those rivers twisting and turning through the countryside:

Conneaut Creek

Heavily wooded watershed harboring an exceptional variety of wildlife populations and unique, sometimes rare, plant communities. Nationally noted for quality steelhead trout fishing.

Ashtabula River

Once the border between the Algonquin and Iroquois Indian tribes, the name translates as “river of many fish.” 88 species of fish have been documented in the waters.

Grand River

Pristine semi-wilderness conditions, good quality water and variety of fish species allow the ideal habitat for beavers and river otters.

Pymatuning Creek

Outstanding recreational fish populations, including northern pike and yellow perch, not common in Ohio’s rivers and streams. 

Anglers pull prized catches from the waters, canoe and kayakers paddle under natural canopies and bird watchers spot migrating species along each of the meandering rivers.  With access points clearly marked throughout the area, the flowing rivers welcome outdoor lovers year-round.